Memento Park - the Biggest Statues of a Dictatorship

Memento Park - the Biggest Statues of a Dictatorship

Museum, Exhibitions, Film-showing, Trabant, Red Star Store. Gigantic Ghost and Statues from the Communist Dictatorship. …

Memento Park offers an exciting travelling back in time, forgotten statues of the communist dictatorship from behind the Iron Curtain. Gigantism, waving comrades, Stalin's boots, and the Red Army soldiers. Exhibition of the 1956 revolution and 1989-90 political changes. The barrack-documentary explains the political secret service. How to recruit an agent? Insert a bug? What are the secret surveillance methods? In the vintage gift shop contemporary items, posters and other interesting gifts can be found.

In the shadow of public statues from the communist dictatorship you can experience what it was like to sit in a Trabant car, you can also „phone" Lenin, Stalin, Mao, Che Guevara and many more former party leaders.

At memento park by taking the informative guided tour you will have the opportunity to get all the answers to your questions related to the subject: How could Stalin leave his boots behind in Budapest, although he had never even been to the city? Is Lenin holding a hat in his hand and has one on his head as well? What did Nikita Khrushchev say when he once visited the Csepel Factory? Why Hungary was named the „happiest barrack"? How many people could actually fit in the Trabant car?

On Stalins' pedastal you can try out the „waving balcony" and feel what it was like to be a communist party leader in those old days on big communist holidays and festivals.

Within Memento Park, Statue Park itself is one of the most unique tourist destinations in Budapest, and also it has great photo opportunities for the visitors. It is an exciting and special place to visit when you are in Budapest.